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David Holness, Ph.D.


Dr. David Holness has over 30 years of business experience coupled with extensive experience in market and innovation development for Fortune 500 companies and is a member of our Board of Directors.   With demonstrated consultative selling experience in all aspects of business solutions, from concept to delivery and implementation, he is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of business management and operations.

Currently, Dr. Holness is the Dean of the School of Business at American Intercontinental University.   In addition, he is an Adjunct Professor / Lecturer at several online universities.

Prior to that, he was the President & CEO of Pharmadocs, a company focused on business innovation and transformation of pharmaceutical professional labeling for electronic distribution and detailing.  Clients included: Astra Zeneca, Pharmacia, BMS, Convatec, Ortho-Mcneil and others.  Prior to Pharmadocs, he held a number of key leadership positions at IBM and Xerox within their respective Global Services Division and other units.

He is the author of several publications, including the fascinating Market Harmonization Model publication.  This publication suggests that product acceptance can be predicted and orchestrated in a fashion similar to the way musical notes are developed into scales, modes, chords and musical movements on the basis of their relative position with one another.

Dr. Holness currently resides in Georgia and holds an MBA in entrepreneurship and a Ph.D. in marketing.